Rwandese Community Association UK (RCA) is the organization that represents and promotes the interests of Rwandans resident in the United Kingdom. It was founded over 21 years ago by a few Rwandans who were then living the UK. The Association has since grown strong owing to the increasing number of Rwandans in the UK.

The Association is the first contact for Rwandans coming to the United Kingdom, and provides a range of services and support to the Rwandan community including representations at different forums, advice on education, employment and access to other services, interpretation and translation whenever and wherever needed and support to those who find themselves in difficult situations, be it sickness, death or otherwise. The Association strives to keep the ties between Rwandans at home and those in the Diaspora and to keep the Rwandan culture alive by organizing cultural events for both Rwandans and their friends and by encouraging Rwandan children to learn their language and culture. The Association and its members are also involved in various projects supporting developmental efforts in Rwanda.

The Association is determined to continue to seek opportunities for all Rwandans in the UK, and to support development efforts in Rwanda.